TOI exclusive: Will President Obama walk that extra mile?

Ram Madhav, January 19, 2015

NEW DELHI: India is looking forward to US President Barack Obama’s visit to Delhi as the guest of honour at this year’s Republic Day parade on January 26. Neither the fact that he is the outgoing president nor that it is his second visit as president dampens the enthusiasm in the Indian establishment. Coming a […]

The city of activism and hope

Ram Madhav, January 7, 2015

Delhi has grown exponentially in the last couple of decades as a result of universal factors like migration, industrialisation, urbanisation. Delhi has always been a city of migrants. In the wake of Independence, it witnessed the influx of massive numbers of refugees who came from the newly born state of Pakistan. Post Independence, the city […]

Going Beyond Panchsheel

Ram Madhav, June 27, 2014

India and China must go beyond Panchsheel and develop a new framework (On the occasion of the 60th Anniversary of Panchsheel)     The biggest problem in Sino-Indian relations is the utter lack of ingenuity and innovativeness. Six decades after the formal engagement through Panchsheel and five decades after the bloody disengagement due to the […]


Ram Madhav, June 11, 2014

  Prime Minister Modi’s foreign relations innings began with a bang through the invitation to the heads of the SAARC countries for his swearing in. The resounding success of that initiative can be gauged from the fact that all but one head of state turned up for the event making it an international relations coup […]

Rejoinder to Ashutosh Varshney

Ram Madhav, May 23, 2014

Varshney’s Hindu Nationalists are True Universalists & Humanists   Dr. Ashutosh Varshney, like many of his colleagues is a known professor of distortion. In his latest article ‘Modi the Moderate’, published by the Indian Express on March 27, 2014, Varshney amply demonstrates his skill once again.   “Anyone who has read the basic works of […]

Because India Comes First

Ram Madhav, May 18, 2014

(Published in Indian Express on 17-05-14) A historic election has come to an end. The BJP started its journey three decades ago with the slogan of “United India-Strong India”. The challenge came from not just the divisive politics of caste and religion but also a formidable section of the intelligentsia. It is the journey of […]

Modi and the Migrants

Ram Madhav, May 13, 2014

The issue of Bangladeshi infiltrators is a vexed one. It evokes sharp reactions everytime some reference is made to it by any leader. This time too when Narendra Modi, the BJP’s Prime Minister candidate raised this issue during the election campaign scorn was poured out on him. Mamta Benarjee and some other political leaders on […]

The Four Failures – Henderson Brooks – P.S. Bhagat Report

Ram Madhav, March 20, 2014

Brooks-Bhagat Report – Naiveté and Foolishness of the Indian Leadership When the news of the leak of Henderson Brooks Report tumbled out in the media, the Congress Party’s reaction was that there was no mention of Prime Minister Nehru’s name in that and hence he shouldn’t be blamed for whatever had happened then. This is […]

India has a moral commitment on Tibet – Part 1 & 2

Ram Madhav, August 4, 2013

India has a moral commitment on Tibet – I Ram Madhav The govt has to be firm with China Not Freeze; But Actively Discuss Border   In 1980 when Deng Xiaoping suggested sector-wise approach to resolving the border conflict between India and China it was presumed that he was only resuming Zhou’s line. However when […]