Russia – The Country that we chose to forget

Ram Madhav, February 28, 2013

(Article written in 2010) “Medvedev practises Yoga everyday”, announced Moscow Times, the prominent English daily of Russia the day I landed in Moscow in mid-April for meetings with various Government and non-Government agencies. Quoting the wife of the 42-year old President-elect the paper went on to add that over 10% Russians have been attracted to […]

Terrorism in India: Democratic Dilemmas

Ram Madhav, February 28, 2013

(Paper presented at a conference in Israel in 2008) “What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty and democracy?”–Mahatma Gandhi. The following litany of death covers major incidents in the last decade in […]

Dismantle Evangelical Establishment

Ram Madhav, February 28, 2013

(Article written in 2009) Do religious conversions – especially the Missionary conversions to Christianity – affect nationally unity? Do the loyalties of a citizen really change after conversion to Christianity? These questions can be answered only through experience only. When one looks at the first Christians who have entered India’s southern state of Kerala in […]

Tibet: Resumption of the Dialogue is the Only Way

Ram Madhav, February 28, 2013

(Article written in 2008) China reacted predictably. It insisted that the Buddhist monks in Lhasa and elsewhere had indulged in arson and violence. It reiterated its resolve to ‘crush’ the voices of independence. It accused His Holiness Dalai Lama of masterminding the uprising and described him a ‘wolf’. The Communist Party of Tibet called him […]

Vaishno Devi Tomorrow

Ram Madhav, February 28, 2013

(Article written in 2010) The Government of Jammu & Kashmir didn’t stop at revoking the land allotment. It actually affected status quo ante by taking over the Yatra arrangements from the Amarnath Shrine Board and placing them under the Tourism Ministry. This issue, which is tantamount to literally dismantling the Shrine Board, has somehow been […]

Samajik Samarasata (Social Harmony) – Sri Guruji (MS Golwalkar)

Ram Madhav, February 28, 2013

(This article was written in 2008 during the Birth Centenary Celebrations of the second Sarsanghachalak of the RSS PP Shri Guruji – MS Golwalkar) Three famous ideals that inspired the French Revolution i.e. Liberty, Equality and Fraternity have subsequently found place in almost all the democratic constitutions of the world including ours. Liberty and Equality […]

Kandhamal Raises the Big Question on Conversions Yet Again

Ram Madhav, February 28, 2013

(Article written in 2009) For days, one TV Channel ran visuals of how the Christians have been targeted for violence in Orissa’s Kandhamal district. Several other so-called national channels too joined the chorus sufficient enough for Mombattiwalas (Candle-Light Activists) to plunge into the ring and declare that ‘entire Orissa’, if not ‘entire India’, is in […]


Ram Madhav, February 23, 2013

RAM MADHAV (Views expressed here are personal) India probably doesn’t need another Central Agency by name NCTC – National Counter Terrorism Center – a name borrowed from the Center that has been established in the US after 9/11. As it always happens Chidambaram, as Home Minister, became enamored of the idea of replicating it in […]

The Kumbh – 13 Tragedy

Ram Madhav, February 11, 2013

Tragedy at Kumbh is shocking. May the departed souls attain Moksha.  It is an uneasy feeling to know that people had to die in dozens just because of the callousness of some. This is not first time that such a big congregation is taking place in Prayag. The Kumbh last time was in 2001. There […]