An Open Conversation with Ram Madhav & His Work, ‘The Hindutva Paradigm’

Ram Madhav, September 21, 2022

(The Interview was conducted by the team of The Verandah Club on Shri Ram Madhav’s book “The Hindutva Paradigm: Integral Humanism and the Quest for a Non-Western Worldview”. Views expressed are personal.) Ram Madhav was at his best while talking about his latest work ‘The Hindutva Paradigm’. The former General Secretary of the world’s largest […]

The Print | RSS’ Ram Madhav says Muslims ‘need to give up 3 concepts’: ‘Kafir, ummah, jihad to kill’

Ram Madhav, June 8, 2022

(The text of the interview was originally published by The Print on June 8, 2022. Views expressed are personal.) The three concepts of kafir (‘unbeliever’), ummah (a supra-national community tied by religion) and jihad (‘struggle’, often used in the sense of ‘holy war’) are hindering the assimilation of Muslims into Indian society at large, senior […]

Hindutva egalitarianism: Why it rebels against ‘survival of the fittest’

Ram Madhav, January 22, 2022

(The text of interview was originally published by Hindol Sengupta of Global Order on January 22, 2022. Views expressed are personal.) In this set of questions-and-answers with the Global Order editorial team, the Hindutva scholar and India Foundation board member Ram Madhav argues that Hindutva is essentially a non-Western worldview which has an oft-ignored embedded egalitarianism. […]

UAE has world class hospitality infrastructure: Ram Madhav

Ram Madhav, December 1, 2021

The fifth Indian Ocean Conference (IOC) 2021 will be held in Abu Dhabi from Dec. 4-5, 2021. Chaired by the Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, it will be attended by the Indian External Affairs minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar among other top dignitaries. The event is being organised by the India Foundation under the theme — Ecology, […]

Economic Times | Galwan incident will impact China negatively

Ram Madhav, June 22, 2020

Galwan is very unfortunate. But India will continue to engage with Chinadiplomatically and militarily, says BJP general secretary Ram Madhav in an interaction with Vasudha Venugopal. Excerpts  On Sino-Indian Relationship We attempted cordial relationship with China, after the initial troubles in 2014 in Chumar. But we had Doklam in 2017, which too we sorted out. But the recent Galwan incident where […]

Indian economy will reach 5 trillion dollars mark despite COVID: Ram Madhav

Ram Madhav, June 4, 2020

In an exclusive interview with ETV Bharat, BJP general secretary Ram Madhav talks about achievements of Modi government, the aim of 5 trillion dollar economy and the need to become self-reliant in post-COVID world. What is the greatest achievement of this government in the midst of the coronavirus crisis? Ram Madhav: We have many achievements to […]

No one stopping political parties in J&K from work for people: Ram Madhav

Ram Madhav, June 4, 2020

BJP’s national general secretary Ram Madhav, while speaking to Arun Joshi, has indicated firmly that a new legislature will soon be in place in J&K in months and assertively declared that there would be “no compromise on Indian sovereignty, integrity,” while negotiating a solution to the current Chinese aggression in Ladakh. Excerpts from the interview: Your […]