Ram Madhav
September 23, 2015

Transcript of Shri Ram Madhav’s Live Q&A on Facebook

Rahul Kanwal: You were the architect of BJP’s foray into J&K. Are you disappointed with the performance of the Mufti government so far. The Sangh seems unhappy. Many in the BJP are unhappy. People in the valley are unhappy. The Mufti feels suffocated. This is one marriage that doesn’t seem to be working for anyone.

Ram Madhav: Many are unhappy because of lack of correct information and also continuous misinformation courtesy some of you. Having said it I agree there is great scope for improving performance of the government

Priya Sahgal: Has any concrete investment come in as a result of PM Modi’s trips abroad.

Ram Madhav: A lot. The Government has given out the data already.

Rahul Kanwal: Sir, the PM and you are travelling to the United States soon. I have been speaking to some US companies in the build up, the sense in America seems to be while the Narendra Modigovernment has been saying the right things it has so far been very conservative when it comes to taking big ticket economic reform measures. Do you agree that the government has not been able to take bold decisions that give investors a sense that this is a government that is capable of walking the talk. Investors feel the Vajpayee government took bolder decisions.

Ram Madhav: India – US bilateral trade agreements are held up not because of any lack of interest or confidence in PM Modiji’s ‘bold’ decisions. There are a couple of contentious issues that need to be sorted out between the countries. Once that happens things will speed up

Rajdeep Sardesai: How much of the PM outreach is driven by need for investments and how much by the need to build Brand Modi? Are these meetings about Brand Modi or Brand India or are they indistinguishable

Ram Madhav: Outreach is a part of the Panchamrit – 5 pillars of India’s new diplomacy.

The Times of India: You were instrumental in thrashing out the alliance in J&K? 6 months later would you say that it was an alliance of convenience? Is the state government performing to your party’s satisfaction?

Ram Madhav: The government is trying its best to handle the difficult alliance on one hand and the difficult state situation on the other. There is greater understanding between the alliance partners now. Governance also has been improving steadily despite the opposition parties trying their best to create discard and hurdles.

Aastha Ahuja: Could you elaborate how PM’s upcoming visit to Silicon valley will help in scaling up the existing clean energy initiatives in India?

Ram Madhav: PM Modiji has set very ambitious targets for India in renewable energy sector. He is going to meet the RE company leaders during his visit to SFO. India has great potential for solar and other clean energy sources. Investments into this area will be encouraged in a big way.

Gautham Narayanan: The recent decision by Central govt to grant asylum to Hindu migrants from Bangladesh had triggered widespread protests in Assam. How does the govt. plan to deal with this issue?

Ram Madhav: There is a deliberate attempt to mislead people on the issue. Minorities from Bangladesh who escape into India due to religious persecution or fear of it will be granted permission to live here without fear. They can opt for any place in India. There are already many of them in Bengal, Bihar, Delhi etc besides of course in Assam, particularly the Barak Valley in Assam. My appeal to the people of Assam is that they shouldn’t fall prey to wrong propaganda about the Bangladeshi Hindus.

Yaseen Nasser: Ram Madhav why do you hate Muslims? You did not even spare a secular leader like Vice President Hamid Ansari during world yoga day, your leaders keep spewing hate against Muslims. Not a day goes by when Muslims are either targeted physically or verbally by your leaders or party men. Is this your idea of an Akhand Bharat? Dont you think your ideology is dividing India more than ever before?

Ram Madhav: You have misunderstandings about the ideology we represent. The ideology that believed that India had two distinct nations has gone long ago. We now believe in the ideology of One Nation, One People.

Anil Unnithan: Sir, Kerala has RSS cadres in every nook and corner and given such a large support base for BJP, how come BJP never took advantage of it and why is it so difficult to get a seat in Kerala..?

Ram Madhav: The BJP has grown stronger in Kerala in the last several years. Kerala will also soon experience Acche Din under BJP.

Kallol Bhattacherjee:Namaste Ram Madhavji, first India’s talks with Pakistan failed to take off, now India has not quite warmly welcomed the Constitution making in Nepal. Do you think India’s regional ties, that are on top of the PM Modi’s agenda, are on the right track? What more do you suggest can be done to improve India’s regional ties?

Ram Madhav: Our neighbourhood relations are on the right track. There will be temporary difficulties but with able and talented people in the diplomatic corps and government we shall overcome them.

S Reddy Tadvai: Ram Madhavji why cant you complain to Election Comission that Lalu is wrongly stating that RSS want to cancel the Reservation to SC ST OBC.. the paid media might misuse this like Modiji’s suit?

Ram Madhav: Appropriate action will be taken by appropriate authorities.

Pradip V Pawaskar: Can India alongwith US, put pressure on Pak to stop terrorism fully and finally and Leave India alone with No More Kasab, Umar and Naveds ???

Ram Madhav: Pakistan has been the epicentre of global terror for many years now. The world community largely realises that too. India is capable of fighting terror on its own. But it is important for the world powers to give up hypocricy and double standards in this matter.

Sanjeev Chhibbar: Ram Madhav ji, Are you confident that companies like Apple, Google and Dell would set up new manufacturing facilities in India, after meeting Modi ji ?

Ram Madhav: They and many more will be encouraged to do so

Ritwik Saha Prityartham: Mr. Madhav, is BJP thinking of exploiting young talents in the party?

Ram Madhav: BJP is the Party with maximum young leaders and millions of young cadres anmembers. We give high priority to youth participation. PM Modiji is a big inspiration to the youth of our country.

Bankim Mazumdar: What happened to BJP’s promise of mitigating the long-standing sufferings of Kasmiri Pundits, who are refugees in their own homeland? How long it would take for concrete results in this regard?

Ram Madhav: The PDP-BJP government is committed to fulfilling the promise of resettling Pandits in the Valley with safety and honour. There is some progress. I agree much more needs to be done. We shall do everything possible in the direction

Sridhar Rao: What is this chat about? I mean ..the agenda?

Ram Madhav: People complain about our ‘agendas’. So it is an agenda-free chat for a change

Samkit Mehta: India is a growing economy which has a lot of potential to be Numero Uno Superpower 20-30 years down the line if right steps are taken. With reference to Shri Modiji’s visit to Silicon Valley, what are your expectations out of the visit. Can we expect Silicon Valley like start-up eco-system for indigenious innovation happening within India? Can we expect Government to come out with a blueprint of India’s very own Silicon Valley? Obviously Bangalore has a good start-up eco-system but can it be taken to the next level where we see Tesla’s, Facebook and lots more coming from the Indian Stable?????

Ram Madhav: PM Modiji’s development initiatives in India in the last 15 months are largely technology-driven. Silicon Valley in particular and West Coast in general is a major hub of technologies, innovations and knowledge-economy. PM Modiji will inspire them to join the Indian growth story.

Laxmi Aswal: Respected Sir…Warm Greetings from BJP/ BJYM Odisha

Ram Madhav: Hi! Thanks for your greetings. I reciprocate

Sima Singh: Digital literacy is still a problem in India. Many persons who r using social media r still unaware of many of the functions and does n donts and so they faces problem. Persons r hesitant to use e-money transfers as they have lack of e-literacy and feared to be misused. So can our p m chart out a digital literecy prograame with juckerberg for indian people.

Ram Madhav: Digital India campaign is aimed at spreading digital literacy also. By the way India still has to overcome illiteracy problem fully. We still have almost 25% illiterates in our country. Our government is committed to make India fully literate in next few years.

Rajnish Bakerywala: Ram Madhav Ji Do you think that cast base discrimination & untouchability will end in india 100% ? If no than should social reservation system continue or economical base reservation system must implement ?

Ram Madhav: Caste based discrimination and untouchability have no sanction in our culture. They should go lock, stock and barrel. Reservations should continue until we achieve complete social harmony and cohesion.

Vivek Sai: How is government encouraging startup companies , is there any platform for it?

Ram Madhav: PM has given a call for ‘Start Up India – Stand Up India’. Our government will initiate major drive to encourage start ups. PM Modiji is speaking to start ups engaged in disruptive technologies during his Silicon Valley visit later this week.

Kallol Bhattacherjee: US is already in election mode. Irrespective of whatever political party’s candidate gets to the White House, what will be the expectation of the present Indian government from the next occupant of the White House?

Ram Madhav: US-India relations are bipartisan and are on a strong wicket. Vajpayeeji described the two countries as Natural Allies. Our relationship will grow from strength to strength in the coming years irrespective of who occupies White House after 2016

Sharad Jain:Suddenly prosperous Patel in US has turned against PM shri Narendra modi and are planning to demonstrate against him during his US visit. (in support of Hardik patel)I want to request PM to find a way out to avert this ugly situation. How will he do so?

Ram Madhav: We appeal to all our Indian brothers and sisters to extend a grand reception to our beloved PM Shri Modiji.

Pradeep Kumar: as asked by the Opposition leaders ur govt did promise jobs to the poor and educated lot of Bharat,Does ur govt has any data in which it can show how many jobs has been created as off now?

Ram Madhav: The government’s initiatives in the last 15 months have been essentially to tackle unemployment and rural & urban poverty. Make in India, Skill India, Mudra Bank, Digital India et al are helping create new jobs and also helping youth becoming job creaters rather than remaining job seekers alone.

ಗುರುರಾಜಸುರಂಪಲ್ಲಿ: what about permanent unsc membership..are v going to achieve that soon

Ram Madhav: India deserves a seat in UNSC. India is too important a country in the world today to be left out of that body. The world powers that control the body seem to appreciate the fact now

Mahesh C Srivastava:Why govt centre spl jpnadda is not taking fast action to curb dengue

Ram Madhav: GoI is helping respective state governments including Delhi in the fight against dengue. It is doing all it can to tackle the menace.

Vinod Raj: Madhav Sir What is the BJPs view on tackling climate change, empowering Women

Ram Madhav: Climate Change issues are very dear to our Hon’ble PM. As CM of Gujarat he had introduced a Climate Change Ministry, first in Asia. As PM he started a new department for CC in Environment Ministry. He is actively propagating for conserving our planet earth in a safe condition for posterity. He will be first senior leader from the developing world to lead the campaign for equitable global regime for climate change

Rahul Bhatia: Please bring Manmohan Singh to justice for aiding and abetting his party men on scams like coalgate 2G CWG but also dont forget what congress did in Bofors snooping on Netaji 1984 riots farmer suicides in Karnataka etc

Ram Madhav: For a politician justice will be rendered by the people themselves. They have done it already. For all other matters there is a vibrant judiciary in our country.

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September 23, 2015
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