Shri Ram Madhav’s speech to a premier US Think Tank on India-China relations

Ram Madhav, January 12, 2015

Thank you Chair. Friends, I am here to share my views on Indo-China relations not as an intellectual but as a politician, in specific I wish to share my understanding of the ‘new neighbour’ in the last 5-6 decades. However the views expressed here need not necessarily be understood as the views which shape the […]

Shri Ram Madhav addressing Janashkthi Sangam in Kannoor,Kerala

Ram Madhav, December 5, 2014

BJP general secretary Ram Madhav addressing RSS,BJP activists in Janashakthi Sangamam,Kanoor,kerala.. “The ‘Kannur model’ politics of violence has no future and the Narendra Modi Government is committed to put an end to the ideology of brutality and intimidation being practised in north Kerala: Ram Madhav” https://soundcloud.com/arjun-cm/rammadvji-addressing-janashkthi-sangm-kannoorkerala

Hindu View of Human Rights – Presentation in Tehran, Iran

Ram Madhav, May 26, 2014

FULL TEXT: HINDU VIEW OF HUMAN RIGHTS AND HUMAN DIGNITY For Presentation at The International Conference on Contemporary Philosophy of Religion Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies December, 23-24, 2012, Tehran, Iran   *          *          *     Introduction   The human Rights discourse is essentially a Western discourse. It got validated with the codification […]

Text of My Address at Bengaluru – 23-03-14

Ram Madhav, March 23, 2014

Excerpts from Shri Ram Madhav’s address on ‘Uneasy Neighbours (India and China)’ in Bengaluru on March 23, 2014 “The book is an output of my discussions with learned experts like Sridhar Rao ji and many others. I have had the opportunity to visit China a couple of times. I have also had the privilege to […]

Politicisation of Indian Culture

Ram Madhav, February 28, 2013

  (Lecture Delivered at the Rotary Club of Bengaluru on 12-05-09)   Let me at the outset thank the Rotary Club of Bengaluru for inviting me. I am returning to a Rotary event after almost a decade. I had occasions to address the District Conferences of the Club twice before when I was at Hyderabad. […]

Detect and Disenfranchise Infiltrators

Ram Madhav, September 7, 2012

Text of the Speech Delivered at Bengaluru on 01-09-12 We all must be evergrateful to the All Assam Students Union and it’s leaders like Prafulla Mahonta and Sarvananda Sonowal. It was they, as young men and women some 30 years ago, who fought against the illegal migration from Bangladesh into Assam and the rest of […]

Sushasaks (Good Administrators) needed for Sushasan (Good Governance)

Ram Madhav, May 29, 2012

(Text of the concluding speech delivered at the Rambhau Mhalgi Prabodhini workshop on ‘Quality Manpower for Good Governance’ on 26-05-12 at Delhi)   After 60 years of experience with governance in India more and more people feel that it is not working. This system of governance is not delivering.   What is after all the […]

Statement issued at a Press Conference at Agartala, Tripura

Ram Madhav, August 26, 2011

by Sri Ram Madhav, Member, Central Executive, RSS 27-08-11 FIGHT AGAINST CORRUPTION: The country has witnessed an unprecedented upsurge of patriotic sentiments against the corrupt and arrogant political leadership of the country. Led by eminent non-political leaders like Sri Anna Hazare, Sri Ramdeo Baba and others this popular upsurge has demonstrated the unthinkable – that […]