Gujjars are symbols of nationalism: Ram Madhav

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Asserting that the Gujjars have always been ignored by the successive governments in Jammu and Kashmir, BJP national general secretary Ram Madhav on Friday said that the Gujjars constituting a significant and sizeable proportion of the total population of the state, are the symbols of patriotism and nationalism.

Addressing an election meeting in the Chouadhi area of Jammu, Madhav said, “Gujjars are scattered over the state, more so in the mountainous, remote and border areas.  More than 60 years of independence has virtually proved meaningless for them and they always remain neglected and ignored by those who had been at the helm of the affairs.”

“The successive state governments have very conveniently treated them as second class citizens and various central and even state schemes meant for them have not been fully implemented forcing them to stay backward,” he mentioned, adding, “They have always been exploited for their votes and in return denied any share in  matters related to development.”

Reiterating party’s stand of all inclusive development to be main agenda in the state, Madhav assured that the BJP after forming government in the state will treat all sections and areas equal in governance and development. He appealed the people to vote for the BJP candidates in the ensuing elections and in return the BJP will ensure good governance, end dynastic rule and corruption.

Speaking on the occasion, Avinash Rai Khanna said that the people displayed their overwhelming faith in the BJP and its Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi in the Lok Sabha elections and the same enthusiasm is witnessed in Jammu and Kashmir during the ongoing assembly elections. This wave will result into accomplishment of Mission 44+ and the support of the people from all sections is necessary to achieve the same, he said.

Author: Ram Madhav

National General Secretary, BJP; Member, Board of Governors, India Foundation

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