Ram Madhav
July 24, 2011


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It is well-known! Their history and antecedents… Justice Rajinder Sachar, Kuldeep Nayyar, Dilip Padgaonkar, Harish Khare, Angana Chatterjee, Ved Bhasin…. The Indians have known their seditious views on Kashmir for long. They have always been the best friends of Pakistan and their views music to its ears. They have all along been the apologists for assorted Indian separatists. They have been known enemies of the very idea and essence of India.

In fact millions in India are familiar with their anti-India candle light marches many times in horror. Many have questioned their subtle or not-so-subtle propaganda against India and its integrity umpteen number of times. Their sins of omission and commission have been well documented too. One such commendable work was by a Chennai based intellectual group called Vigil. Edited by Radha Rajan, Vigil’s publication a couple of years ago exposed treachery of several of these individuals and the NGOs they spawned.

Actually it is a matter of little surprise that many of them were on the payroll of Ghulam Nabi Fai, the man who has fallen to disgrace after the FBI arrested him for acting as an ISI agent. Fai or no Fai, it is always believed that not just these individuals, but many more in India have been on the ISI payroll. You will find them marching with candles in hands at the India-Pakistan border. You will find them in anti-India conferences in various Pakistani cities. Worse, you will find them in the TV studios in Delhi. They pass off as Liberals; enjoy huge patronage from sections of media; and shamelessly propagate their secessionist and seditionist agenda in our own backyard and under the very nose of our government.

So the right question to be asked is, if it is a crime in Washington DC to use ISI money to propagate anti-India views, how come it is not a crime to do the same in India? If Fai can be arrested, why should there be no action against any of his collaborators?

But sadly, the collaborators are very powerful in India, where patriots are branded anti-nationals and subversionists and secessionists are honoured with plum posts. You will find these friends of ISI in important positions… in the PMO and elsewhere. That is why the Government brushes it aside saying it is a ‘personal matter’. Is sedition a ‘personal matter’?

That is why the perpetrators are brazen. One dismisses saying he didn’t know the background of Fai. Another goes one step further and cheekily declares that he would go anywhere to propagate his views. Take it for a moment that perhaps they didn’t really know the antecedents of the man who was calling them. Many of these Liberals have a common trait. They are very fond of free foreign jaunts where they can enjoy star facilities and wine and dine with their breed at free of cost. But they are invited NOT because they are knowledgeable about the subject – there are many more in India who are real experts on, in this case, Kashmir secession – but precisely because they are on the same side of the fence as the man who was inviting them. Hence their claim of innocence should be taken as just a pretence.

What is the bigger offense? For an American citizen to campaign in his country against India with ISI money or for an Indian citizen to do that in his own country as well as abroad? Then why these worthies are not being made to answer for their acts that are tantamount to sedition? Don’t they owe an explanation and at least an apology?

In fact the arrest of Fai should serve as an example to us. We have far too many in our country who continuously engage in India bashing all over the world. They have several excuses to attack India; dalit issues, women’s issues, Narendra Modi, Sangh Pariwar, minorities. Tonnes of money is available for these India-bashers. Their sponsors include Chruch groups, western phony charity agencies, Vatican and of course pseudo-Liberal and Left academia in the universities and think tanks in the West. At the instance of cash-rich missionary groups these pseudo-intellectuals indulge in crass anti-India campaign on a regular basis. Thanks to these traitorous junkies, today country after country in Europe is attacking India in the name of caste and other social issues. It is these people who propagate world over that the caste in India is the Indian version of racism in Europe and the West.

Like the friends of the ISI these friends and foot soldiers of the western Church agencies too occupy important positions in India today. They can be found in the NAC of Sonia Gandhi; HRD of Kapil Sibal and of course they are omnipresent in our English media. They run phony NGOs that get unaccounted money in hordes to unleash their seditious campaigns.

It is time all these people are made accountable. It is time they are brought to book. We have tolerated their anti-national rubbish for far too long. It is time they are shown their place.

One caution though. I, for one, refuse to buy that the FBI could find out about the objectionable activities of Ghulam Nabi Fai only in the last few weeks. He has been in that country for more than 20 years. He has been in the lobbying business for almost 2 decades. In Washington DC the K Street is an adda of  countless lobby agencies. Lobbying is legal in that country. By fulfilling a few formalities anybody can get into the business of lobbying.

With its elaborate network of spies and agencies it is unbelievable that the US couldn’t have had any inkling of what Fai was doing all these years. Those who know how the US operates would vouch for the fact that Fai’s arrest at this particular point in time must be a part of some larger design. It must be a precursor to something else. What that something else could be is difficult to predict now. May be the US has plans about tackling ISI or it has new designs about Kashmir.

Hence while Fai’s arrest by the FBI must be taken with caution, one important lesson that we can deduce from the arrest is that our own home-grown versions of Fai must be dealt with sternly.

Published by Ram Madhav

Member, Board of Governors, India Foundation

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