Democracy in South Asia

Ram Madhav, April 9, 2022

(The article was originally published by Chintan – India Foundation Blogs on April 9, 2022.Views expressed are personal.) Interestingly, two leaders have a serious problem with the RSS at the same time. One is Imran Khan, the outgoing Prime Minister of Pakistan. Isolated in the Pakistan National Assembly and faced with a definite ouster through […]

Beijing wants ‘business as usual’. But Delhi is having none of it

Ram Madhav, March 28, 2022

(The article was originally published in Indian Express on March 28, 2022. Views expressed are personal.) Adam Smith’s book, The Wealth of Nations, is well-known. His other book, The Theory of Moral Sentiments, though equally influential, is lesser-known. Smith raises a hypothetical scenario of ethical conflict in it, asking what would a European do if […]

The creation of a winning electoral formula

Ram Madhav, March 16, 2022

(The article was originally published by Indian Express on March 16, 2022. Views expressed are personal.) In elections these days, the BJP comes in with some constants. First, is the Modi factor. With unmatched levels of popularity defying conventional political incumbency, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has emerged as a juggernaut, carrying the party on his […]

Say bye to dynasty, caste & religion. Welcome good governance | OPINION

Ram Madhav, March 10, 2022

(The article was originally published by India Today on March 10, 2022. Views expressed are personal.) One important message from this round of Assembly elections is that “for the people” governments and leaders will be given the mandate “by the people”. Old politics of dynasty, caste, religion and opportunist alliances do no longer cut any […]

The complex roots of the Russia- Ukraine conflict

Ram Madhav, March 1, 2022

(The article was originally published in Hindustan Times on March 2, 2022 . Views expressed are personal.) Click here to read the article with HT It is a war between two Vladimirs. One, the indomitable president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, a strong and boisterous leader with decades of experience at strategy and statecraft, and another […]

Indian Muslims Need to Emulate the Indonesian Model

Ram Madhav, February 18, 2022

WOKES ARE THE greatest enemy of classical liberalism. Their championing of the hijab cause is a great disservice to women of Islam who fought countless battles for centuries to unshackle themselves from the harsh Islamic patriarchal yoke. By deploying deceptive vocabulary like choice and freedom, and demonstrating false camaraderie with a few misled Muslim girls, […]

Clamour for civic nationalism is like reviving Jinnah’s politics

Ram Madhav, February 3, 2022

(The article was originally published by The Print on February 3, 2022. Views expressed are personal.) Debate over civic and cultural nationalism is at least a century old. Hans Kohn, an eminent American historian of nationalism, was the first to raise this dichotomy, influencing the Western studies on nationalism in a big way. Kohn argued […]

The Significance of January 26

Ram Madhav, January 26, 2022

(The article was originally published in OPEN Magazine on January 26, 2022. Views expressed are personal.) “Why January 26th?”—We never ask this question. The final draft of the Indian Constitution was passed by the Constituent Assembly on November 26th, 1949 after Rajendra Prasad, chairman of the Assembly, delivered his final address. A day before, on […]

The significance of delimitation in J&K

Ram Madhav, January 10, 2022

(Text of the article originally published by Hindustan Times on January 10, 2022. Views expressed are personal.) The recommendations of the Justice Ranjana Desai-led commission about the delimitation of the Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) Union Territory (UT) have left leaders in Kashmir fuming. The commission has, after prolonged deliberations, recommended 47 seats for Kashmir and 43 seats […]