Economy, defence, key issues in India-U.S. relations: Ram Madhav

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New York, Sept. 26 (ANI): Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) vice-president and general secretary Ram Madhav said here today that the country’s economic development, internal security and defence were the key issues in India-US relations.

“Firstly, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is working overtime for grassroots economic development of India. He is trying to engage with the outside world in order to get support for his initiatives in India. So, I foresee some discussion and progress on economic relations front. Secondly, internal security, homeland security, India’s concerns with regard to terrorism is another area in which both the countries can have greater cooperation.”

“Thirdly, the defence relationship level, as so far India has remained only an importer country. Prime Minister Modi has a vision of developing India into manufacturing country even in production and defence also,” said Madhav.

He also said that in Prime Minister Modi, India has got a different, confident and leading Prime Minister and now America will see a confident India.

“Our PM will be here to address the United Nations General Assembly. India has a new government under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Modi, he will be speaking before the world leaders on September 27 and not just the Indians but a large part of world leadership is also looking up to him with great expectations. We are also looking forward to his momentous speech at the United Nations,” Madhav said.

“For the last few years India-US relations have remained little cold, we all look forward to rejuvenated relationship between the two countries, we have many issues to discuss with each other. We are two big democracies, we have been naturals friends for many decades now, a thriving relationship is what is expected from this visit, from the dialogue that he is going to have with the American leadership,” he added.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is all set to arrive in New York on Friday where he will address the 69th session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, and hold bilateral talks with President Barack Obama in Washington, besides attending other official engagements in the two cities. (ANI)

Author: Ram Madhav

Member, Central Executive, RSS Director, India Foundation, Delhi

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