Modi govt’s tough stand stopped cross border firing: Madhav

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Cross border firing along the LoC has stopped because of the tough stand taken by the Narendra Modi government, BJP national general secretary Ram Madhav today claimed.

“After coming to power we have stressed on the security of the country. Initially there was instances of firing along the LoC. A section of the media used to say that it was happening because BJP has come to power,” he said at a programme here.

“The situation has now changed…. You won’t find any instance of firing along the Line of Control. We have strengthened our security so much,” he said.

He said the BJP has also given prime importance to the issue of infiltration from Bangladesh in Assam and steps towards sealing of the entire Indo-Bangladesh border in the state have already started.

“We have also strengthened internal security and has made India riot free. A section of the people are trying to foment trouble by making controversial comments but we have brought in peace,” Madhav said.

He said the foreign policy of the Modi government has brought respect for the country from the world over.

“Earlier, Indians living abroad used to feel ashamed of introducing themselves as Indians. But now they feel proud of their national identity. This happened because of the foreign policy of the Modi government,” Madhav said.

On the opposition of renaming a road in New Delhi after Maharana Pratap, he said the country which doesn’t respect their own brave hearts can never find a place in the pages of history.
“We have given respect to real patriots like Subhash Chandra Bose, Sardar Patel, Lokmanya Tilak. They have made immense contribution for this country. But in our country only people who come with a particular surname gets respect. When we try to pay respect to other great people who had made immense contributions to India, questions are being raised why names are being changed,” Madhav said.

Author: Ram Madhav

Member, Central Executive, RSS Director, India Foundation, Delhi

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