Land Bill, GST pro-poor, but opposition doing politics over poverty: BJP

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Measures like land Bill and the Goods and Services Tax (GST) are pro-poor, but opposition parties are not letting the government usher in these revolutionary measures as they are playing politics over poverty, BJP General Secretary Ram Madhav charged on Wednesday.

He further said that while the government has had to make some changes in the Land Acquisition Bill due to some compulsions, it remains steadfast in its resolve to help the poor.

“Today, the kind of laws that we want to bring, whether it the land Bill or GST, they can usher in an economic revolution in the country. But the opposition is making efforts to stop the government in some way or the other,” said Madhav.

Stating that every year two crore youths are ready to join the workforce whereas only twenty lakh jobs are created, the senior BJP leader said the Narendra Modi government thought that the situation needs to improve and infrastructure has to be built and, hence, brought in the land Bill.

“But working against the aspirations of the youth, our rivals have not allowed that Bill to come up. It is correct that under compulsion, the government has had to remove several things from that Bill. These are political compulsions, but our resolve is steadfast as to why we brought it,” he said.

The land Bill was introduced to benefit farmers, Madhav said, pointing out that youths have to stay dependent on small farm holdings because there are no jobs. Consequently, there is no profit in farming, he averred.
The intention, Madhav said, is to provide jobs and also to make farming profitable.

“But the opposition is not allowing such good initiatives … The Modi government is devoted to the poor and this message needs to be taken to the villages,” Madhav told a gathering of BJP youth wing workers.

He claimed that while the BJP-led NDA government has introduced several good initiatives for the benefit of the poor, the opposition plays politics even over poverty. “They create a vote-bank out of poor, so keeping them impoverished is a part of their politics,” Madhav said.

Author: Ram Madhav

Member, Central Executive, RSS Director, India Foundation, Delhi

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